An Open Letter to Fellow Change-Seeking Filipinos

July 27, 2009

Dear fellow Filipino,

I hope you can share with us a few minutes of your time. For the past few months, many of our closest friends who recently graduated from college have left the country in hopes of seeking better opportunities abroad. Some of them have promised to come back while others have decided that our country’s current situation is hopeless thus, their whole family has decided to live abroad. For this coming 2010 elections, many of our friends that we’ve talked to have said that they will not take time to even register to vote since they believe that whoever becomes President among the current crop of Presidentiables will just end up like our past leaders who are self-serving and corrupt.

This growing sense of apathy, hopelessness and helplessness is prevalent not only among our fellow youth but in millions of Filipinos who cannot find among our present crop of national leaders an inspiring figure that will again unite the country and once again make us feel proud to be a Filipino.

But we believe, all is not lost, we still have time to change this and to once again take control of our nation’s future. Jose Rizal once said, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”. We believe that time is now for the Filipino Youth to transform Rizal’s hope into reality.

The Youth has been silent for too long. The kind of political and moral ascendancy in our current government (and even in most of the existing candidates) not only displeases us, but threatens to massacre whatever idealism and nationalism is left in us. We cannot remain silent anymore. Our nation’s issues should not just be left to be ‘usapang matanda.’ Because this is our future at stake. We choose to participate.

Amidst the plethora of current presidential candidates, there is still an absence of a leader who will illumine us with hope and instigate change. What we need is a principled alternative candidate who has the right inclination and disposition in politics. We need ISABELA GOVERNOR GRACE PADACA to be the next president. She inspires us for she fully embodies what it means to serve the nation. She can actualize our elusive dream of a great tomorrow. She is our needed hope and change.

It’s the way she goes back to the people. She listens to and prioritizes their needs. How many governors have bothered to go down to the baranggay level to establish personal connections with the people? It’s the way she empowers her subordinates. She allows them to initiate their own programs and appropriates funds based on their proposals, making the Isabelans feel accountable for such projects. It’s also the way she makes transparency and social accountability the consciousness in her capitol. Her contact number is posted everywhere so that anyone can report encounters with corrupt officials. It’s her strong political will and well-thought out decisions. She was able to end the 40-year political Dy-nasty in Isabela, and win her 2nd term in 2007 despite having meager resources. In these two terms, she managed to substantially reduce cases of illegal logging, saving the last remaining great forest in the country. Furious at first, the loggers reconciled with her because she provided them with an alternative livelihood program.

Ultimately, it’s her qualities as an empowering, effective and ethical leader that inspire us. Her achievement as a Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Government Service (acknowledged to be the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize) can easily affirm the efforts she has already done.

We, the representatives of the Filipino youth, alongside the other sector groups that compose the Kayang-Kaya! Movement, recognize the need of a leader who has a vision and will direct the nation to a sustainable development, and we believe that Gov. Grace Padaca is this needed servant and visionary leader who has the right heart and mind for the service of presidency.

August 1, 2009 (Saturday) will mark the beginning of Genuine CHANGE that we all long for. August 1 will be the launch of the Kayang-Kaya! Movement. We invite you to be part of this momentous event as people from the different sectors show their support for Gov. Grace Padaca. Together, let’s make her recognize the amount of support she has. Let her hear our outcry for reform, change, principled politics and good governance that only she can provide. Let us clamor for her to run as president. Together, let us assemble and imagine the possibility of a great country being realized, a country that is enabling, engaging and empowering, a country that is grounded on truth and justice, a country that is run by Gov. Grace Padaca.

Tama na sa mga TRAPONG patuloy na niloloko ang Pilipino sa kanilang mga advertisements at sa kanilang magagandang mga salita. Kailangan natin ang isang Pangulo na tunay na maglilingkod sa bawat Pilipino, mahirap man o mayaman. Kailangan natin ang isang Pangulo na hindi natin ikahihiya at puwede nating taas-noong ipagmalaki sa buong mundo. Kailangan natin ang isang lider na mangangalaga sa kinabukasan ng Kabataang Pilipino!

Governor Grace Padaca is that PRESIDENT, and we believe that she would make us dream again that the Filipino can be the best not only in Asia but in the whole world!

Kaming mga kabataan ang mangunguna rito sapagakat kinabukasan namin ang nakataya. Sana samahan ninyo kami sa aming layunin para ipakita na ngayon na ang panahon ng Pagbabago at ng Kabataang Pilipino. Hindi kami naniniwala na ang mananalong Pangulo sa 2010 ay ang pinakamayaman o pinakakilalang kandidato — napatunayan na ‘yan sa Isabela, at ito ay patutunayan nating lahat sa buong Pilipinas!

For more information on how to join, volunteer and contribute to the Kayang-Kaya Movement, contact Ian Soqueño at 0917-490-5135 / 02-392-9028 and Ralph Morales at 0917-854-5191 / 02-392-6741.

Visit our website at or email us at

Spread the call for change–pass this on to your friends.


Ruth Cariño
Ateneo de Manila University ’08
Paolo Gan
Batangas State University ‘09
Ralph Morales
Polytechnic Univ. of the Philippines ‘05
Cheenee Otarra
Ateneo de Manila University ‘09
Karl Satinitigan
Ateneo de Manila University ‘09
Cristyl Senajon
Ateneo de Davao University ‘08
Arriane Serafico
Ateneo de Manila University ’09
Christian Soqueño
Ateneo de Manila University ’09
Gio Tingson
Ateneo de Manila University ‘10

3 responses to “An Open Letter to Fellow Change-Seeking Filipinos

  1. Please count me in. Can we have it also circulated via facebook or friendster?

    This can have her a more mileage especially for this genre where youth is always connected online.

    • Alvin,

      We would really appreciate it if you could pass this on to your friends, whether it’s through email, Facebook, Multiply or Friendster.

      Thank you!

  2. I think She’s the one that we (Filipinos) are looking for. She may have physical disability but she’s emotionally and spiritually capable. She deserves to be our next leader!

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